IPP's strength is its diversity and flexibility of services. We can provide many different types of services according to customers' actual needs.

We aim to be flexible to better serve our customers in this rapidly changing world. With our 17+ years of experience in Vietnam, we have seen many types of projects and believe flexible small teams are the best way to solve big problems.

           ► Whether you have a quick lab study with 20 patients or a single center study with 200 patients or a multinational multi-center study with 2000 patients, we can adapt to your needs.
           ► We can support customers from the smallest cases such as providing patient samples, conducting pre-clinical research, and supporting the entire research.
           ► Whether you have a study without a well defined budget or a study with detailed financial reporting requirements, we can accommodate your demand.
           ► Whether you have a loosely designed study or a very well designed protocol, we can help.
           ► Whether you need to change the number of patients after the study has started or consider cost cutting options midway, we have seen it before.
           ► Whether you need to change the scope of work during the study or increase sample storage time after the study, we can adjust with your needs.
           ► Whether you have an urgent change requiring immediate attention over the holiday, we are here to cover you.
           ► IPP also provides services: writing protocols, reports... performed by experts in the field. In particular, after conducting a successful clinical trial in Vietnam, IPP can use our experience and existing relationships to support customers in commercializing that product in Vietnam.

In addition, IPP is the only unit in Vietnam that can provide customers with "paperless" services, including patient access, sample collection, sample storage, sample transportation, and testing support...


We understand the major factors affecting project cost and time are patient recruitment and sample sourcing. Therefore, we have spent a considerable amount of time to develop relationships with major clinical and research centers throughout Vietnam. Our network enables us to quickly find the most suitable options for your project at the most reasonable price.

Here is information about some of our infectious disease networks in Vietnam:
   » HIV - clinic for the homosexual community
   » Syphilis - clinic for the homosexual community
   » HPV
   » Gonorrhea
   » Chlamydia
   » HEV
   » Parasitic diseases

We have close relationships with specific patient communities such as gay clubs, groups of women working as prostitutes... This allows us to carry out customer projects directly with patients and doctors, without intermediaries, so the cost is much cheaper.

In addition, because IPP has a flexible spirit, we can advise customers on administrative procedures to maximize cost savings and save time on project implementation. For example, when is it necessary to work with the Ministry of Health and when can we only do small research in the lab? For familiar customers, or who use many of our services, IPP always has the most competitive discount.

Besides, we have had many cooperation projects with HIV hospitals, HIV, HPV, syphilis, dengue fever patient communities... from North to South Vietnam. The exclusive system of collaborators and network of connections with large clinics and laboratories create favorable conditions for us to shorten research time right from the stage of site selection and patient recruitment.

IPP has supported many Chinese rapid test strip manufacturers to complete testing in just over 1 month, including patient access, legal procedures, contract negotiations with hospitals and laboratories, completion report.


Vietnam is a tropical country with many natural infectious diseases including Dengue Fever, Sốt rét, Malaria, Zika, etc. Vietnam is also a fast growing emerging market with many social infectious diseases including HEV, HIV, HPV, Syphilis, etc.

We have a lot of experience supporting many foreign businesses in researching and developing rapid test kits for HIV, syphilis, HPV, dengue fever, malaria... IPP's exclusive network of collaborators is working at hospitals specializing in HIV, syphilis, HPV, tropical disease treatment units such as malaria, dengue fever..., and major medical examination and treatment centers in Vietnam.

Not only that, becoming a partner of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories helps us provide clinical services related to many other diseases, in addition to our strengths. Our products are HIV, syphilis, HPV, dengue fever, malaria... Therefore, if customers require any disease in Vietnam, we can support them.