Innovative Solutions

Mission: Be the Bridge that Makes a Difference

The world is more connected now than it has ever been. One particular region, Southeast Asia, is rapidly modernizing, yet it is still behind in terms of health care and therapeutic choices.

The region has 600 million people with unique demographics and interesting disease profiles that are especially attractive to researchers stuyding cancer, diabetes, and vaccines. Demand for pharmaceuticals is growing and talented local principal investigators are contributing to drug development through basic research, as well as clinical trials.

Industrialization over the past decade has increased the level that Southeast Asia imports manufacturing equipment and raw materials, and exports products such as generic drugs, medical equipment, and personal protective equipment including surgical masks.

Our mission is to use our global experience and network along with our local understanding and access to be the bridge that connects our foreign and domestic partners to harness their strengths to accelerate global drug development and bring the best products and therapies to the people who need it most.

Lead with Strong Values

We value safety, integrity, excellence, innovation, and perseverance.
The core values that guide our work on a day to day basis are:

The Patient Comes First!

Our goal is to help our partners bring more therapies to more patients faster. Our focus is always on the patient. Their health and safety are paramount. The patient's input is valued and respected.

Professional Integrity

Details matter greatly, especially when lives are at stake. We have clear protocols and detailed SOPs which adhere to the strictest ethical and professional standards worldwide. We stress integrity and accountability in everything we do.

Quality of the Highest Standard

Investigating new therapies and dealing with so many unknown variables takes courage, patience, and discipline. We strive to maintain the highest level of research quality and data integrity on each assignment.

Innovation and Perseverance

We take pride in crafting unique, creative solutions to big challenges. Complementing our mindset of innovation is our philosophy of patience and understanding that success is measured in the long term.

Focus on Clinical Trials in Vietnam

Vietnam is a key country in Southeast Asia with 96 million people. It is a fast growing emerging market with increasing demand for pharmaceuticals and growing capacity for clinical research. It has a large drug-naive patient pool, talented researchers, and supportive regulators. Clinical trials in Vietnam are efficient.