We are innovative scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors with a deep understanding of research, markets, and regulations. We have been in Vietnam and Southeast Asia for 15 years, developing strong relationships with key industry leaders nationally and regionally. We speak the local language and understand the local culture intimately.

We support global companies in their efforts to enter the local market. At the same time, we support local companies with their global ambitions. We can be a strategic adviser, a business connector, or an operational partner, depending on your needs. Finance and investment banking are our strengths.

Our experienced analysts can help with market intelligence and strategy, product development, training and HR, feasibility studies, local and global sourcing, legal and regulatory registrations. Our multidisciplinary experience and global network combined with local understanding and access ensure our partners get the best strategic, market, regulatory, or operating advice.

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Clinical Development

We are ICH GCP certified researchers with more than 10 years of experience in Vietnam and strong relationships with the Ministry of Health and local hospitals. We have worked with global pharmaceutical companies including Astra Zeneca, GSK, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Samsung, and Servier on a variety of therapeutic studies. We also have experience working with global CROs including IQVIA, Covance, Parexel, and PPD. Our breadth of coverage and depth of understanding of drug development have made us local leaders in clinical research.

Our national clinical network and propriety investigator database facilitates fast study startup times with respect to site and investigator selection as well as patient recruitment. We are in the three major medical centers of Vietnam and can support many types of studies, particularly in the areas of Oncology, Diabetes and Vaccines.

Our experienced Project Managers, CRAs and CRCs are familiar with complex studies and can help with SOP writing, protocol development, regulatory, submissions, patient recruiting, monitoring, pharmacovigilance, site support, database management, and many other services for phase 1 to phase 4 studies. We are innovative researchers and efficient problem solvers who put our patients first.

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Southeast Asia is a dynamic region with 600 million people and large unmet therapeutic needs. Vietnam is a fast-growing emerging market in Southeast Asia with almost 100 million people. As the local population becomes more affluent, they are demanding higher value foreign goods and services. As a result, there are many opportunities to commercialize pharmaceutical products, cosmoceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services in the region.

Rapid industrialization over the past decade has made Vietnam a strong manufacturing alternative to China. Today, local companies are beginning to export globally. The growth in scale and quality of products available from Vietnam has only accelerated recently due to global tensions with China.

We have strong relationships with manufacturing and distribution partners throughout Vietnam and Southeast Asia to support our global partners to commercialize their products locally. Our local team is experienced in sourcing high quality local products for export. Our strong local network, together with an efficient local team, ensure optimal market results for our partners.

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Cloud and mobile technologies have significantly improved the quality and efficiency of clinical research. However, most software and systems currently used in clinical research are legacy technologies from 30 years ago.

As a company founded on the philosophy of innovation, we are not burdened by legacy technologies. Instead, we embrace new technologies that support more efficient clinical operations, improved data management, and more insightful big data analytics.

We leverage new and disruptive technologies to accelerate research, maintain higher quality results, and lower overall costs.

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